Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

Minimise the disruption to your business in disaster recovery events with rapidly deployed technical support 24/7.

We believe that in-depth business continuity planning is essential in today’s complex world of IT infrastructure and workplace requirements; enabling organisations to respond rapidly to disruptive events.

Evotech provide a range of disaster recovery technical services, including rapidly deployed site emergency response, site inspections and surveys, technical / insurance reports, and mechanical & electrical reinstatement works. 

We respond to our customers emergencies 24/7 365, in order to get their businesses moving again as quickly as possible.

Evotech operate nationally throughout the UK, with dedicated teams of skilled in-house engineers backed by a network of highly specialist supplier partners. All our works are fully warranted and backed by professional indemnity insurance.

Our disaster recovery solutions include:

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help keep your business moving during disaster recovery events, call us on 0333 207 4245 or email info@evotech.co.uk

Alternatively, see how we have helped our clients minimise the impact on their business and safeguard their working environments by visiting our case study page.