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Power Outage

Keeping your business moving and safeguarding your critical environments during power outages requires rapid technical support.

Evotech deliver a comprehensive range of emergency technical services rapidly deployed to protect our customer's assets, people and working environments.

We deal with all types of situations ranging from short term grid blackouts and power supply fluctuations, through to HV/LV switchgear failures and lightning damage. We can react independently to one-off events, or work as part of your disaster recovery team providing technical support and expertise when needed.

Evotech specialise in all aspects of power outage prevention, response and remediation, including:

  • Loss of power investigations

  • HV/LV panel repairs

  • Generator / UPS failures

  • Temporary power supplies

  • Temporary heating / cooling solutions

  • Technical inspections and reporting

For more information call our team on 0333 207 4245 or email us at info@evotech.co.uk