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CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant
CIBSE ESOS Lead Assessor
CIBSE AC Inspector

Mechanical Solutions

Our mechanical design team will provide you with the technical support and advice you need to make the right decisions

From designing full blown HVAC systems to creating additional system capacity, or replacing end of life plant and equipment, our team will provide you with the best options available.

As CIBSE Low Carbon assessors we design, source, install and commission energy efficient solutions targeted at delivering quick return on investment and maximum lifecycle efficiencies.

We specialise in all aspects of mechanical engineering including the following areas:

  • Heat loss / gain calculations

  • Fresh air ventilation calculations

  • Pipe / duct sizing

  • Plant sizing

  • Equipment schedules

  • Design / concept drawings

  • Equipment sourcing

  • Low carbon and renewable technologies

  • Turnkey project management

  • Installation and commissioning 

For more information call our design team on 0333 207 4245 or email us at