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Planned Maintenance

Our engineering teams will maintain your building’s infrastructure ensuring your mechanical & electrical assets deliver the services you need.

Works are pre-scheduled using our planning system and aligned with an agreed bespoke annual maintenance plan, created once we have surveyed your building and identified all your assets.

Maintenance works are then carried out to SFG20 standards (or to your own requirements), ensuring your assets are operating efficiently and effectively in order to maximise their lifecycle.

We specialise in all aspects of mechanical and electrical systems, plant and equipment, including the following areas:

  • Heating systems

  • AC and ventilation systems

  • Plumbing and water services

  • Electrical systems

  • Lighting and controls

  • Life safety systems (fire detection, emergency lights etc)

  • Controls and BMS

For more information call our maintenance team on 0333 207 4245 or email us at