Doors with ventilation system

CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant
CIBSE ESOS Lead Assessor
CIBSE AC Inspector


Evotech invests time and expertise to assess the current performance of your building, in close consultation with your building’s management team. 

Our programme of testing and inspection is comprehensive and proven. We assess a wide variety of factors, from assessing how your building is used, reviewing occupant comfort levels, examining your infrastructure and plant, to collecting detailed energy efficiency data.

This meticulous evaluation provides an accurate picture and baseline data, so we can provide the appropriate recommendations for change. It also allows us to measure success against targeted objectives. 

Our evaluations include: 

  • Air tightness testing

  • Thermographic surveys

  • BMS and controls strategy review

  • Asset and system surveys

  • Condition lifecycle assessments

  • Energy usage monitoring

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