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Why improve building performance?

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption and 38% of green house gas emissions

A large part of which is lost through energy wastage

Energy Supply Costs

Over the past 12 months out of contract energy supply rates increased exponentially with the electricity kWh day rate increasing by +200% and gas kWh day rate by +390%.

Building operating costs have therefore increased significantly and will continue to grow at unprecedented rates, creating considerable margin pressures for UK businesses.

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The Journey to Net Zero

Proposed changes to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards 2018 will require businesses to improve their building’s energy efficiency to an EPC rating ‘B’ by 2030.

There are several ways to make your building more energy efficient. Heat pumps, renewable generation and EV workplace charging will need to be a key consideration for building owners on their journey to net zero.

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Will your building
meet the Minimum
Energy Efficiency Standard?

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Top Five Energy Saving Tips

for commercial buildings

LED Lighting icon
LED Lighting

In commercial buildings, lighting consumes approx. 30% of total energy usage. Switching to LED’s can save you up to 80% p/yr.

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HVAC Optimisation icon
HVAC Optimisation

BEMS and HVAC control optimisation, using IOT technology and cloud-based AI solutions, can reduce your energy consumption by
20-30% p/yr.

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Voltage Optimisation icon
Voltage Optimisation

Optimising a building’s incoming supply voltage to 220V-225V can save anything from 5-15% in electricity consumption p/yr.

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High Efficiency Motors icon
High Efficiency Motors

Modern electric motors are substantially more efficient than their older counterparts, with typical payback on capital outlay <12 months.

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Energy Audit icon
Energy Audit

Evaluating the performance of your building is the most comprehensive method of assessing how the building actually functions.

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See how we improved the performance of our Elland office, making it a low carbon 'A' rated building

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Our solutions in action

In offices

A comprehensive building performance assessment of Welcome Finance’s 65,000 sq. ft HQ in Nottingham led to an improvement in the building’s EPC rating from ‘F’ to ‘D’, allowing the building to be subsequently sold at a greater value.

In retail

Asked to design a replacement lighting scheme for Elk Mill Retail Park in Oldham, we designed and installed a low energy LED solution with automated overnight dimming control, delivering energy reduction savings and reduced lifecycle maintenance costs.

In officess

A building performance assessment of Lateral House, a Grade A multi-tenanted office in Leeds City Centre, identified the opportunity to reduce the buildings electricity consumption through the installation of a voltage optimisation system.

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