AI technology for commercial
HVAC systems

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Building optimisation made simple

myBEMS is an autonomous solution that
enhances commercial HVAC systems

The result is a healthier indoor environment,
increased operational efficiency and
reduced energy consumption


Plug & Play Solution

myBEMS connects to your existing HVAC equipment, building management system (BMS) and energy supply metering, using stand-alone technology that works straight out of the box



Using a variety of IOT sensors it gathers live indoor environmental and occupancy data. Within two to three months myBEMS learns how your building performs and maps out its energy consumption profile



Once myBEMS knows your building it optimises your HVAC system using advance machine learning algorithms. It notices the subtlest of changes in outdoor temperate, weather forecast and occupancy to tweak your HVAC configurations



Get real-time insight into your building's energy consumption using the myBEMS web accessed cloud dashboard. View, compare and monitor your data, set up alerts and create management reports



As more data is harvested myBEMS continually learns, modifies and improves its algorithms to provide deeper insight into how your building performs. This delivers greater energy efficiency, cost reductions and occupant wellbeing over the long term

Key benefits


Real time

Advanced AI

Improved occupant

20-30% energy

Reduced carbon

How does myBEMS work?

myBEMS collects real-time weather data and forecasts, along with sensor inputs from the building such as occupancy, CO2, temperature, air quality, humidity etc.

It then uses advanced machine learning techniques and algorithms to analyse this data and identify ways to optimise your HVAC operation in real-time

The myBEMS optimisation process



We start with the physical on-site installation of our stand-a-alone myBEMS gateway and IOT sensors. These come pre-programmed and once connected start interacting with your HVAC systems automatically.



At this stage we monitor everything and find the most relevant data. This includes data that can help identify potential issues or optimisation opportunities, such as historical energy consumption, installation manuals and maintenance reports.



Our algorithms and tools are able to find abnormalities, such as energy leaks and optimisation avenues. We also use industry benchmarks to compare your systems performance with market averages. Together, this helps us understand the current status of your HVAC operation, and the next steps towards increased efficiency.



Every building is different. Thus, we adjust the optimisation process to fit your building’s characteristics and specific needs. Our extensive data gathering and adaptable algorithms allow us to make every building perform optimally, without compromising your indoor environment and occupant wellbeing.

Why does building optimisation matter?

Buildings are responsible for c.40% of global energy consumption and c.36% of green-house gas emissions

A typical HVAC system accounts for c.39% of a building's total energy consumption

c.75% of buildings in the EU, including the UK, are energy inefficient, meaning a large part of the energy used goes to waste

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