Calderdale #CleanAirSchools colouring competition

20 Mar 2023

Evotech has joined forces with Air Quality News and Environmental Journal to open up its Calderdale #CleanAirSchools colouring competition to more schools and children across the UK and further afield. 

As a sponsor of the BIG North Pole Expedition we were able to work with the team to develop a children’s drawing competition so that they could learn more about the expedition, and the effects pollution is having on the Arctic and the creatures that live there. 

The expedition is combining data collected by the team in Iceland and Svalbard over the last two years with data they intend to collect from the magnetic North Pole next year. The project will deliver a pan-Arctic insight into pollution and the information gathered will be used in a number of different studies being undertaken by scientists at the University of Manchester, the National Oceanography Centre, the University of Colorado and NASA. 

The colouring competition can be downloaded from the Air Quality News website:

Animal Fact Cards

Arctic Animals Colouring Templates