Evotech and Airthings for Business - working in partnership to improve indoor air quality - an in-depth case study

2 Aug 2021

Evotech Air Quality and Airthings have a shared belief that everyone has the right to breathe clean air, and today the importance of indoor air quality has never been greater. We saw indoor air quality, pre Covid-19, becoming the next asbestos health crisis. In the UK, electricity, gas, water hygiene and safety are all legislated, but the quality of indoor air is not. Then Covid-19 struck and indoor air quality (IAQ) became even more important. 

Evotech Air Quality's growing team of engineers, technicians and data scientists are passionate about the air we breathe. Helping UK businesses and organisations create safe working environments by transforming indoor air quality, we began offering the Airthings for Business solution in June 2020 for accurate, accessible air quality data. 

Using Airthings' industry leading sensor platform, we provide our customers not only with enhanced indoor environmental surveillance, but, by integrating their technology with other 3rd party systems, we are creating greater end user value through improved building performance and optimisation. 

Evotech's main objective is to help our clients provide safe, healthy indoor spaces, using IOT technology advancements. To do this, we provide enhanced environmental sensors above and beyond what a traditional building management system provides. By utilising real time data from Airthings IAQ sensors, we can optimise how buildings perform and achieve greater levels of energy efficiency. What’s more, Airthings sensors can alert our team to issues with the HVAC system, so they can resolve them quickly, even before clients report it.

Live monitoring of environmental conditions has given Evotech’s operational team real-time insights into on-site HVAC performance and provides our client with the confidence that their indoor spaces are safe and healthy. By being able to access air quality data remotely, using the Airthings Dashboard and API integration, we are able to demonstrate foresight and a quick turnaround time identifying issues and rectifying them before they are reported.  

Read the full case study on how, together, we're improving indoor air quality at No1. Whitehall in Leeds.

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