Evotech sponsors BIG North Pole Sea Ice Research Expedition

8 Apr 2024

We are delighted to announce that the BIG North Pole Sea Ice Research Expedition, of which Evotech is a sponsor, will begin on 10 April, having previously been thwarted by unsafe landing conditions due to the melting of the arctic sea ice. 

The B.I.G. project expedition team will be flown to a new start point high in the Canadian Arctic on the pack ice of the frozen Arctic Ocean. From here, polar explorer Felicity Aston MBE, will lead an all-female team of explorers and scientists skiing to the magnetic North Pole to take samples of snow to support a number of important global warming research projects. 

The information gathered by the expedition will be used in a number of different studies being undertaken by scientists in the UK and beyond, at the University of Manchester, the National Oceanography Centre, the University of Colorado and NASA.

Read more about the expedition and follow the team's progress across the sea ice here.