Evotech joins forces with pioneering air tech company to improve indoor air quality

12 Sep 2020

Evotech has joined forces with Norway-based tech company, Airthings, to provide indoor air quality monitoring solutions in the UK. The building maintenance and performance experts will install Airthings’ business solutions at client premises to help monitor air quality to help keep occupants healthy. 

The company will also put real-time data at the fingertips of building managers, through the provision of a unique dashboard that will bring together information on air quality, building environmental management systems (BEMS), energy monitoring data and other related systems, enabling them to reduce indoor air hazards, optimise ventilation, better control heating systems and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.  

Airthings is led by a team of international scientists, engineers and technology experts who aim to educate on the prevalence of the carcinogen radon, as well as other indoor air contaminants, and develop accessible technology solutions to help people stay healthy within their homes and workplaces. 

The Airthings’ business solution monitors CO2, humidity, temperature, airborne chemicals, radon, air pressure, light and building occupancy, enabling building managers to monitor trends in their building, so they are better equipped with real-time data reports to make appropriate adjustments to keep air quality at optimum levels. 

Evotech’s Business Development Director, John Lumb, comments, “Working with Airthings to deliver cutting edge, real-time monitoring of indoor air quality, enables us to provide greater insights to our customers, so that targeted measures can be taken to improve their working environments. This is an exciting development for Evotech and further boosts the range of specialist technical solutions we provide to enhance building performance.” 

Based in Yorkshire, Evotech is a national building maintenance and building performance management company, whose ethos is to optimise building performance to improve the environment for its occupants, reduce energy and ultimately carbon emissions, whilst keeping buildings compliant with the latest regulations. With a successful track-record for the implementation of environmentally friendly initiatives that improve building environments, the company puts sustainability at the heart of its building maintenance and performance solutions.