New report released on infection resilience in the built environment

11 April 2023

After a year long live study, the University of Loughborough in association with CIBSE have just issued their report on infection resilience in the built environment. 

Led by Professor Malcolm Cook at the University of Loughborough, AIRBODS (Airborne Infection Reduction through Building Operation and Design for SARS-CoV-2) conducted research into infection resilience during the pandemic. The programme was supported by over 20 academic researchers and industrial consultants over its 22 month funding period and helped get large scale events back up and running following the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The report provides comprehensive guidance and insights into airborne infection risks and proposes mitigation measures to improve airborne infection resilience of indoor and semi-outdoor spaces. The guidance shows how to design and operate non-domestic buildings to minimise the risk of airborne transmission of Covid-19, and other viruses.


Download the report here