RICS reports demand for green and sustainable buildings are rising

13 Dec 2023

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) global sustainability report for 2023 outlines the state of the world’s green and sustainable real estate and investor interest in acquiring and developing it. 

Occupier demand for sustainable buildings in the UK has risen, and global appetite for green buildings is on the rise, but legislative uncertainty and lack of measurement is holding industry back from making a real impact on net zero targets. 

In the UK, around three-fifths of contributors suggested that investor demand for green buildings rose to some extent in the past year. Its headline Sustainable Building Index (SBI) reported more than 60 percent net balance of respondents believe that demand for green and sustainable buildings rose over the past year. This UK measure is stronger than the global average balance, which stands at over 44 percent, although the UK figure lags a little behind Europe, which records the highest global sentiment at more than 73 percent. Only around 6% of contributors globally suggest that green features have no impact at all on rents and prices.

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